In June 1998, business operations commenced under sole proprietorship and in January 1999, the hugo technik GmbH was founded. Our company aims were defined as the development, manufacture and marketing of specialized machines. After working initially from rented premises, we moved into our own new buildings in November 1999. At present, we have a workforce there of 10 employees.

Organisation and Marketing

The organisation of our company, along with a strategic cooperation with our competent partners in the field of software development (programs for SPC, micro controller, network integration etc.), enable us to independently complete all assignments arising within the area of specialized mechanical engineering.

Hugo technik GmbH is not only active in Germany, but also in numerous European countries, as well as in North America.

Philosophy and Quality

The creativity, commitment and reliability of the staff who work for us are the key to our success potential. They provide the basis of our innovative force and guarantee us the recognition which our proven performance has achieved in the market.

Our particular strengths lie in possessing that subtle know-how of what is technically possible and economical, having an abundance of ideas and quality, the careful planning and the perfect implementation of problem-solving, as well as offering a highly efficient service, flexibility and personally maintaining the dialogue with our business partners.

You, the customer, and your success, are the factors which represent the major focal point of our company´s philosophy and activities.

Our goal has only been achieved when you are fully satisfied with our products. In playing a part in your success, we can be sure, that you will place an order with us not only today, but also in future. This philosophy and these aims play a crucial role within our management system.

A result of our work and our activities are over 16 announcements for patents and registered designs since company formation. Our know-how, along with the close cooperation with our customers, has enabled us to establish working partnerships with numerous company´s in the automobile sector as well as with their suppliers.

Words with eternal value
“There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little...